BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG of Bretten, Germany is one of Europe’s leading companies for flat glass processing and finishing. Established in 1938 as an iron and glass wholesaler, this medium-sized enterprise has been working closely with the Scheuten Group of the Netherlands since 2007.


With its broad range of functional glasses and special glasses, BGT is predominately active in the construction industry and in various other industrial sectors. Its many years of experience and outstanding expertise form the basis for its high-quality products, which are in use around the world.
A key reason for the company’s successful positioning in the market is its constant readiness to innovate. BGT believes in tackling challenges head-on in order to develop outstanding solutions for glass architecture and industrial applications. It is this readiness to give full attention to its customers’ requirements in its search for both standard and high-tech solutions that makes BGT a sought-after partner for all facets of the glass business worldwide.


In addition, as a medium-sized enterprise, BGT’s structures provide it with close customer proximity and the ability to act in a flexible manner. The company is also able to rely on the extensive resources of the Scheuten Group for such things as product development, logistics and purchasing.
This conglomeration of strengths means that BGT is able to offer its customers comprehensive consultation while finding the optimum glass solution for any requirements.