EMC internacional is a company based in Madrid, Spain, specialist in the envelope of the building with a own engineering’s company MEGA and more than 10 years experience being exclusive partner for most prestigious companies in South European Market and expanding to the middle East. Companies as Interpane, BGT, Brakel Atmos, Octatube and Thyssen Steel Europe guarantee a high quality in the execution.


Skylights Brakel Atmos were special designed for various museum as: Museum of the human evolution in Burgos and the national archelogy museum in Madrid. In Airports of Valencia and Malaga were installed the skylights of EMC. In tensile façades division  OCTATUBE, most important projects are Head Office skylight of Santander Bank and reception building in the form of a glass cube of 30x30x30 meter. Also the new part of the Valencia Airport is now being built-up. In architectonical Sandwich Panels and Roofs department EMC coordinate with Thyssen important projects as 6 new IKEA stores in Spain and Portugal, the new Railway station in Valencia as the new Cessna Terminal also in Valencia.


In the last Two years EMC developed an important export activity in Europa and the middle East, the glass contract for the new Heathrow Airport in London was awarded as also 4 skyscrapers in the new financial district in Riad.


The develop of the Mediaglass system was a initiative of EMC and through his Partnership with BGT it was possible to develop a complete system, of course the collaboration with Leurocom gave the whole system a permanent character.