1978 First moving message displays are produced and installed.
1982 First matrix displays for advertising and sports stadiums are produced and installed.
1987 A new and fully electronic LED stock information system is installed in the Düsseldorf stock exchange.
1994 LEUROCOM shows the first LED full-colour video display – the experts are impressed.
1995 LEUROCOM develops and supplies electronic displays for use on police cars.
2000 Displays are installed underwater in the bed of an artificial stream in Frankfurt.
2003 LEUROCOM once again shows its ability to innovate: video display technology featuring virtual pixels and pixel control progress.
2004 LEUROCOM researches and collaborates with the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences on a new display concept. This multi-year project is supported by the EU. Media facades are developed to offer the best possible price-performance ratio.
2005 Development of the SMD video technology. First high-resolution video displays. Cooperation with ag4 mediatecture company® leads to a new product line of facade displays.
2006 A high-resolution LED video display series for outdoor use and new mechanical concepts for the semi-mobile series are implemented.
2006 World Cup on LEUROCOM LED video displays.
2009 Installation of a 272m long SMD video perimeter advertising in Czechia, Karlovy Vary
2010 LEUROCOM gained biggest order for the new financal center in Abu Dhabi since foundation of the company. First installation of product innovation Mediaglass®.